• Healthy pancake recipe

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    In case you had forgotten (I had), it’s Shrove Tuesday today. And if you’re planning to make pancakes for dinner (because you missed the chance at breakfast) you might like to follow this recipe from Bosch.

    I just had to share it with you, mostly because I can’t resist an infographic! Bosch obviously wants you to use its excellent MCM62020GB food processor and one of its hobs, but it should work with any decent blender and cooktop, wink wink! Healthy Pancake recipe Idea | Bosch | girlabouttech.com

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    8 genius ways to arrange your kitchen appliances

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    Planning a new kitchen? When it comes to positioning your appliances, there are plenty of potential pitfalls. Luckily,  I’ve got some clever ideas to help maximise your space. You’re welcome!

    1. GET THEM OFF THE FLOORRAISED DISHWASHER | Kitchen layout ideas | girlabouttech.com So your dishwasher will sit under your worktops, right? Not necessarily. Consider raising it a bit higher, and you’ll find loading and unloading it so much easier.

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    Sky announces Sky Q availability and pricing!

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    Sky Q Pricing | girlabouttech.comGreetings telly fans! I have good news – Sky has just announced that its new premium service, Sky Q, goes on sale from Tuesday 9th February. Home installations will then begin at the end of the month.

    New customers will be able to get a Sky Q package from £42 a month, plus from £99 set-up costs. There are two bundles people can buy – the Sky Q Bundle costs £42 a month, and gives you access to over 50 HD channels and 300+ Sky Box Sets as standard. Its nearest Sky+ equivalent, in terms of the range of channels, HD and Sky Box Sets, is the Family Bundle (£36).

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    Dump Tinder for Once, the dating app that’s not afraid of commitment

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    Once dating app | girlabouttech.com‘Sex is overrated’ says Once founder Jean Meyer. Not words you’d expect from a Frenchman that happens to be, in the words of Derek Zoolander, really really good-looking, but to be fair, he is talking in the context of dating apps.

    You see, Jean is a man that wants more from his dating apps than a one-night stand. He’s tired of losing hours of his time flicking past face after face, or scrolling through a long list of messages from unsuitable suitors. So, he’s come up with Once, which he describes as a ‘slow’ dating app for people looking for love.

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    Netflix has 6 new shows to get seriously excited about!

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    January has been one big boxset binge in my house – well what else is a girl to do when the bad weather just won’t quit? Problem is, I’m beginning to run out of things to watch. House of Cards? Seen it. Making a Murderer? Er, killed it?

    So should I go ahead and cancel my Netflix subscription? Perhaps not, given what’s coming soon. I’ve found three brand-new shows to whet your appetite, and three new seasons of recent Netflix hits that are on their way (and about time, too).

    By the way – wherever you are in the world, a new Netflix policy means they now all premiere at the same time.

    1. LOVE
    LOVE | New Netflix Shows | girlabouttech.comWHEN IS IT ON?
    Friday 19th February, 2016
    Girls, Cucumber, Bridesmaids

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    The best mini desktop PCs… and the Mac Mini!

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    The best mini PCs | girlabouttech.comMy battle for a home office is ongoing. The space in question – a make-shift desk in one corner of the living room – suffers frequent invasions from tools, toys and tat. Still, I’m hoping I can stage a fightback with one of these pocket rockets, and switch my old PC tower for a smart Bisley filing cabinet.

    Despite being the size of a takeaway box – or in the case of Lenovo’s IdeaStick, a spring roll – mini PCs have the storage and processing power to rival most space-hogging desktops, and you’ll get the same Windows 10 (or Mac OS X) experience. Alternatively, you could forgo the dedicated computing space entirely, plug one into the telly and have yourself a big-screen PC. Take that clutter!

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    How to protect your home with smart security gadgets

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    Smart Home Security | girlabouttech.comMaybe you’re going away on holiday and want to set up a system that both keeps an eye on the place and does things like turn the lights on a dusk and off at bed time. Or perhaps you’d just like to know the kids have got safely home from school. There are gadgets that will let you do all this and more, and the good news is they won’t cost you thousands of pounds or need expert installation.

    From cameras that that let you watch a live feed of your living room to sensors that can send you a message if they detect a leak, they’ll take a couple of minutes to set up, but will give you peace of mind 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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    How to… go on a data diet!

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    HOW TO GO ON A DATA DIET | SEAGATE | girlabouttech.comForget the bass – it’s all about data. From our favourite photos and music playlists to Whatsapp chats and recorded TV shows, we’re constantly creating, storing and sending digital information. We’re so snap-happy that it’s estimated we took around one trillion photos in 2015, to say nothing of the videos, Vines, GoPro footage and screen-shots.

    Meanwhile, gone are the days that computers existed only at home and in the office. Now we have them in our pockets, on our wrists, and soon they’ll be in our cars.

    It’s been predicted that 33.3 billion connected devices will be in use by 2020, and the world will be generating 44 zettabytes of data each year (a zettabyte is 1 with 21 zeros after it!) – that’s 5,200 gigabytes of data for every person on the planet, or about 1 million high-res photos each.

    But do we really need all of that data? Hmmm, it’s questionable. So, to help you – and me – get smart about storage, I’ve asked Sof Socratous, a Vice President at data experts Seagate to help me pull together some tips for dumping the excess data baggage, and storing what’s left in the right way. We’re calling it The Data Diet…

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    The best personal blenders

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    The best personal blenders| Soup | girlabouttech.comPromised yourself you’d start eating breakfast or stop spending so much money on lunch? Then you need a personal blender that can blitz up a single smoothie or perhaps even a serving of soup in seconds. Best of all, they can do the job in a cup you can take away with you, so there’s no messy decanting or extra washing up.

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