• The best slimline dishwashers

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    The Best Slimline Dishwashers | girlabouttech.comDidn’t think you had space for a dishwasher? There are tea towels wider than these skinny mini models, yet they’ll wash more than 100 things at once.

    What’s more, your average 45cm dishwasher will use roughly 9 litres of water to do so, which compares to the 40-to-80 litres we get through when doing the job by hand.

    So go on, treat yourself – come Sunday lunchtime, you’ll be glad you did…

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    Secrets from the Great British Bake Off tent

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    The Great British Bake Off 2016 | girlabouttech.com©BBC

    One more sleep and it’s the return of The Great British Bake Off. I’ve got a soggy bottom just thinking about it. And who wouldn’t want to be a fly on the canvas of the GBBO tent?

    I’d love to know if Paul really stands alone at the back dancing to the Nolan sisters, as was once suggested by Mel & Sue…

    Anyway, as an Access All Areas pass wasn’t available, I did the next best thing and tracked down series three winner John Whaite.

    He was happy to spill the baking beans on what really goes on under that hallowed tarpaulin. Thanks John!

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    Four Indesit appliances you should buy right now

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    Indesit appliances you should buy right now | girlabouttech.comI’d always thought of Indesit as a no-frills brand that people consider when their appliance breaks and they need something cheap to tide them over… until now.

    Its new collection is so smart, stylish and stacked with useful features that I should probably smear some egg on my face. But I won’t. I’ll just give you my four stand-out buys.

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    Golden ears: the headphones Team GB are wearing at the Rio Olympics

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    Rio 2016 Olympics | BTS50 Bluetooth sports earphones review | Panasonic | girlabouttech.comSuper Sunday? Sensational Sunday? Stayed-up-too-late-watching-Andy-Murray-win-the-tennis-and-sleeping-at-my-desk-on-Monday Sunday?

    Whatever you want to call it, the 14 August 2016 was one epic day in British sporting history, with GB clinching FIVE Olympic gold medals and going ahead of CHINA (population 1.357 billion) in the medal table. That’s some phenomenal ‘sportsing’.

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    Poor reception? Answer your mobile calls on the BT Halo home phone

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    BT Halo home phone | girlabouttech.comMoving out of London has its merits – no Tube, tourists, or urban foxes, and house prices that have allowed me to swap my one-bed shoebox for a relatively palatial three-bedroom semi. But it also has its downsides, namely I can’t order pizza at 1am, or just ‘nip out’ to a museum/show/gig, and I have measly mobile reception. Sad times.

    However, the BT Halo is hoping to help me out. This swanky new home phone connects to any smartphone via Bluetooth, and if a call comes through on said mobile, you can answer it through the Halo handset at no extra charge.

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    Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – 10 good reasons to buy one

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    Galaxy Note 7 waterproof | Samsung | girlabouttech.comAnnounced today, Samsung’s hi-tech scribble pad, the Galaxy Note 7, is rumoured to be its most expensive handset to date.

    But it’s also it’s coolest. So cool, in fact, that Samsung has jumped from the Note 5 to the Note 7 without even bothering to make a Note 6. BECAUSE IT CAN.

    I was lucky enough to get hands on with the device last week, and here are my 10 good reasons why this is one fab phablet. Jason Donovan, eat your heart out…

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    How to set up your broadband

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    Netgear router | How to set up your broadband | girlabouttech.comLove streaming TV and music? Keep the fun coming with these top tips.

    Try to put your router in the middle of the house where it will cover the most ground, connected to the master socket where the phone line enters the building. And whatever you do…

    • NEVER put your router on the floor. It’s far happier when it’s located high up and away from your cordless telephone, microwave or baby monitor, which can all mess with your signal.
    • MAKE sure that it’s standing the way it’s supposed to, so never lay a vertical router on its side.
    • KEEP it away from thick walls and metal objects, like TVs and radiators.
    • AVOID putting it near reflective surfaces like mirrors, as WiFi signals can bounce off them.
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    The best action cameras

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    The Best Action Cameras | girlabouttech.comSmall, simple, tough and attachable to anything from your bike helmet to the dog, action cams have changed the way we look at the world. If you’re looking to splash out on one for the holidays, I’d plump for any of these best-in-class camcorders.

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