• Friday Find: Cornishware range cooker

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    To demonstrate exactly what its bespoke Colourange service is capable of, Britannia Living has produced a one-of-a-kind Cornishware version of its Wyre 90cm cooker.

    Cornishware Range Cooker | Britannia Colourange | girlabouttech.com

    I think it would look splendid in this coastal-themed kitchen/diner…

    Coastal kitchen | girlabouttech.com

    The Colourange service is available across all of Britannia’s range cookers and the options are endless – just promise me you won’t pick anything too garish, as you’ll have to live with the results. Prices are on application but you can click here to find out more. Or you could go with the cream version of the cooker, which costs around £1,600.

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    Three looks, three radios…

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    As the evenings draw in, the rain comes down and my newly landscaped garden is no longer the inviting nightspot it was a few weeks ago, redecorating the flat has become my top priority. But what look to go for? I’ve narrowed it down to three… and picked out a brand-new radio that will suit each one perfectly.

    Revival-iStream2 internet radio | Roberts | girlabouttech.com

    The serious ’50s styling belies the Revival iStream2 radio’s modern features – for example, you can hook it up to your home WiFi and access radio stations from all around the world. It’s also got built-in Spotify Connect so it will play music straight from your Spotify account, or you can stream music from your smartphone or laptop to its speakers.

    Evoke D6 DAB radio | Pure | girlabouttech.com

    Launched today, the latest in Pure’s Evoke family of radios has doubled up on speakers, giving it a stronger stereo sound, while its rounded corners and real oak-veneer finish are perfectly in keeping with my favourite decorating trend. The radio has 30 presets (15 FM and 15 DAB), and two alarms, which you can silence with a tap of the touch-sensitive SnoozeHandle, so it’s the ideal bedside companion.

    It also doubles as a Bluetooth speaker, and you can buy an optional rechargeable battery pack for up to 65 hours of wireless listening.

    R2 DAB MUSIC SYSTEM | Ruark Audio | girlabouttech.com

    My final pick is smart, sophisticated and sounds superb. The revamped Ruark R2 is more than just a DAB/FM radio – it’s got Bluetooth and WiFi so you can use it as a speaker, access to thousands of Internet radio stations and Spotify Connect. You can also link it to other R2s – they come in matt white and walnut, too – and create a rather beautiful multi-room music system.

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    Print every day? Save money with Epson’s Eco Tank printers

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    Your printer has run out of ink. AGAIN. It probably didn’t help that you printed out the 126 comments that followed that pic of Cheryl’s new ‘do, en route to the hairdressers last week. And it would happen the night you need to print the boarding passes for tomorrow’s 5am flight/little Johnny’s big school project/the posters for your best friend’s charity coffee morning that you promised her two weeks ago. Typical.

    L355 Eco Tank printer | Epson | girlabouttech.com

    Sound familiar? Then you might be interested in Epson’s new Eco Tank printers. Rather than fit those pricey little cartridges that only tend to last a month or two, you’ll need to fill it up with ink yourself. Each printer comes with four bottles – one each of black, cyan, blue and magenta – and you’ll need to carefully peel off each bottle’s seal before replacing the lid and decanting it into its corresponding tank.

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    Friday Find: Caple’s glossy white wine cabinet

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    Wi3118WH white-gloss wine cabinet | Caple | girlabouttech.com

    If you’d like somewhere cool to store your vino, but would rather it didn’t stick out like a Chianti stain on your favourite rug, then behold Caple’s latest chiller. The glass-framed Wi3118WH is designed to match any kitchen with white units, and at 30cm-wide, is easy enough to find a space for – well that’s what I’m telling Boy About Tech.

    It holds up to 19 bottles of wine at a single temperature, which you can set between 5°C and 32°C – incidentally, you’ll want it at around 7°C for Champagne up to 19°C for a vintage port. Other features include UV-protective glass to prevent light and heat from affecting the taste of your wine and a reversible door. It costs around £525.

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    Going for gold: Cambridge Audio’s G2 portable speaker

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    G2 mini portable Bluetooth speaker | Cambridge Audio | girlabouttech.com


    Bringing a bit of bling to the Bluetooth market, the pocketable G2 is another brilliant-value speaker from Cambridge Audio – the guys that brought you the fabulous and award-winning Minx Air Wi-Fi speakers.

    I can’t say for definite that it’s ‘indestructable’, but the gold G2 is solidly built with a metal shell and rubberised, grippy base. At H67 x W189 x D55mm, it’s svelte enough to slip into a small bag, and also comes in black.

    G2 speakers in black and gold | Cambridge Audio | girlabouttech.com

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    9 things I learned at the Jessops Academy

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    Jessops are back, and running some excellent photography courses in six branches across the country. I tried the DSLR Level 1 course this week, and while I probably won’t be booked for Cara Delevingne’s next photo shoot, I did pick up some tricks and tips that you might find useful.

    Fancy having a go yourself? Prices start from £119 and you can click here to learn more.

    1. Before you use a DSLR camera for the first time, locate the ‘eye diopter’ – a small dial next to the viewfinder. Turn it until the numbers that appear in the viewfinder are sharp – then whenever you look through it, you’ll always know your photo is in focus.

    EYE DIOPTER | JESSOPS ACADEMY | girlabouttech.com

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    Bose goes barmy for Bluetooth!

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    Bose have launched not one but two new Bluetooth products this week, the scamps. Let’s have a look, shall we?


    These Soundlink Colour Bluetooth speakers cost £119.95 each and are handy size, measuring H13.5cm x W12.8cm x D5.3cm. They’re also intended to be quite base-led in sound, because in case you haven’t guessed from the vibrant colours, they’re all about having Fun with a capital F.

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    6 things you need to know about the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

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    1. They’re bigger.
    Apple fans where hoping for a larger iPhone display… and that’s exactly what they’ve got. The iPhone 5 had a 4in screen, whereas the new iPhone 6 boasts a 4.7in screen, and there’s a 5.5in display on the iPhone 6 Plus. This brings them in line with competitors like the 5.5in LG G3, the 5in HTC One (M8), the 5.1in Samsung Galaxy S5 and the 5.7in Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

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    4 appliances that blew my mind at IFA 2014

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    1. Panasonic’s induction hob concept
    Prepare to be amazed! Though it’s still a prototype, this induction hob doubles as a power unit, so you can place small appliances on it and they will work without you having to plug them in. Panasonic demoed this technology at IFA 2014 with a blender, a 3D grill (above right) that cooks both sides of the food at once, and a self-stirring cooking pot that uses electromagnetism to rotate a small spatula. Let’s hope it’s not a flash in the pan…

    Chef Collection dishwasher | Samsung | IFA 2014 | Girl About Tech

    2. Samsung’s game-changing dishwasher
    Next, we have a product that is coming to market – in October, to be exact – and it’s a true innovation in dishwashing. Part of Samsung’s posh new Chef Collection appliance line-up, it’s the first model to ditch the traditional rotary spray arm that flings out water like a whirling dervish.

    Instead, it’s got a bar of powerful vertical water jets, which moves back and forth along the bottom of the machine. This ‘WaterWall’ gives a corner-to-corner clean, and there’s a Zone Booster, so that you can place your dirtiest dishes on one side of the dishwasher and blast them with a more powerful spray. No price has been given yet, but I don’t expect it to be cheap, especially not with that smart steel trim.


    3. Haier’s see-through fridge freezer
    The S100 ‘Smart Windows’ fridge freezer has a nifty panel in the fridge door, which switches from opaque to transparent when you get close to it. So rather than open the door to check whether you’ve got the right ingredients for tonight’s dinner – and let all that cold air out, wasting energy – you can just gaze through the glass.

    The Smart doesn’t end there. The fridge freezer is Wi-Fi connected so you can control its temperatures, alarm and so on using an app on your phone or tablet, and it will alert the Haier after-sales team if a fault is detected.

    Like Samsung’s Food ShowCase model, the fridge also has two layers of doors. Open the first to grab your favourite drinks and snacks from easy-reach sections in front of you, while the rest of your food stays nice and cool behind a second door.


    4. Panasonic and AEG’s Smart ovens
    Apologies for the terrible images here people, but in case you can’t tell, these two prototype ovens by AEG (left) and Panasonic (right) can both be controlled by an app. They even have a camera built in, so you can get a live view of your food as its cooking, and get alerts when it’s done. Think your chicken needs another five minutes? Don’t worry about getting up. Just check the live view, adjust the timer, and relax…

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    Berlin calling… my IFA 2014 preview

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    Comfortable shoes. A spare-spare phone charger. A decent camera and a memory card cleared of holiday snaps, dodgy or otherwise. At least two European plug adaptors. Laptop. Underwear. Toothbrush. Last-minute packing for Europe’s biggest tech show is a lot like playing The Generation Game, without the fondue set or cuddly toy. But tomorrow’s 5am start will be worth it, I’m sure, for all the lovely tech I’ll see at Europe’s largest technology fair, the Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin (better known as IFA).

    So what will be the star of this year’s show? Here are a few of the contenders…


    Remember this from last year? Well IFA 2014 launches will include, from left, the Samsung Gear S smartwatch, £TBA, and Liquid Leap, £79.99 from Acer. While the latter pairs with the new Acer Liquid Jade smartphone, Samsung’s new device has its own 3G connection. That means you can use it to browse the internet, send and receive text message and make calls in its own right, just like Dick Tracy or Captain Kirk.

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