• Sneaky Peek: Electrolux launches new Inspiration appliances

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    So as I was saying, Electrolux has launched a whole new range of appliances inspired by the models they produce for professional kitchens – and cleverly called The Inspiration Range. Can you guess which of these might be professional chef Daniel Clifford’s favourite?


    Tough choice, eh? But Daniel’s pick is the Electrolux EOB8741AOX Inspiration CombiSteam – a domestic oven modelled on the brand’s professional cookers, which has been installed inside The Cube pop-up restaurant.  

    He’s impressed with the even heat distribution within the cavity, which he says is fantastic for baking cakes, and is a big fan of the steam functions – he used this very model to steam us a rump of lamb, which he then popped into an ice bath before browning it off in the oven again. Yum-didly-umpcious!

    The Inspiration CombiSteam oven has a mighty 72 litres of usable space and five shelf positions for cooking more dishes at the same time, just as Daniel and his cheffy chums do. It also has a front-mounted temperature probe that you can use to check that joints of meat are cooking at the right core temperature. Fancy! The price on all this technology? That’ll be £899.

    Coming in a close second is the Electrolux EHD8740FOK InfinitePure induction hob, which was also being put to good use at The Cube. With LED controls that remain invisible until you tap it on (except the on button, doh!), it’s more discrete than Jimmy Carr’s accountant. The flexible cooking zones automatically adjust to a pan’s exact shape and size (as long as the cross is covered – none of those limiting circles here), and are controlled with snazzy iPod-like ‘dials’. The EHD8740FOK InfinitePure measures W78 x D52cm and costs £899.

    My final pick from the new range are the Inspiration fridge freezers in Glossy Red (shown), Chocolate Brown, Lime Green and Ebony. They’re all pretty special to look at, although it’s hard not to be drawn to the unique ebony finish that resembles a black stainless steel.

    To keep your food nicely preserved, they’ve got TwinTech – separate cooling circuits in the fridge and freezer. This keeps humidity in the fridge at 65-90%, compared to 25-40% for your average single-circuit model. The result? Your salad will stay nice and plump for a good seven days, rather than shrivelling up into a sad little ball. There’s also a fast chilling zone in the fridge – a must-have for a rose addict like moi.

    Measuring H1850 x W600 X D700mm, with 249ltrs of storage in the fridge and 91ltrs in the freezer, the Inspiration fridge freezers cost £999 each.

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