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    Lego House by Ed Sheeran is a fine tune isn’t it? I’d quite happily live in one myself, with or without Ed building it up and knocking it down. Because I LOVE Lego. Except when people (usually American) use the plural Legos. What’s that all about?

    So, too, does my baby brother (love Lego I mean, not chastise Americans). Back in the day, we spent many a soggy Sunday afternoon squabbling over models 6380 and 6378, and debating why there were never any blonde Lego figures (sinister, I know!)… and today he spotted this story in The Telegraph and thought of me. If clicking the link seems like too much effort, I’ll spare you the trouble by explaining it’s about a life-sized Lego forest built in Australia to celebrate 50 years of the toy bricks Down Under. Check out those 4m high pine trees and scaled-up flowers. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

    Colour Block Cases for iPhone4 and 4S | ThumbsUp | Girl About Tech

    All of which moves me nicely on to (but not too nicely if you’re reading, Lego legal team) one of the bestest things I’ve seen this week. These Colour Block cases for the iPhone 4 and 4S from the very positively monikered ThumbsUp! are too cool for school, or playgroup, come to that. They’re available right this minute, priced £9.99, although you’ll have to call the company for stockists as I can’t find any online as yet!

    Made from silicone covers to protect from bumps and scratches, the cases come in five colours and with two two transferable squares that can be placed anywhere on the back. Not only do they look pretty, they apparently help to secure stray headphone. Genius!

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