• News: Is your Facebook or Twitter profile the real you?

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    Newsflash! There are lies on the Internet. But worse than that, your very own social circle could be the ones doing the lying. That’s according to a survey by Intel* of 4,374 lads and lasses across Europe and the Middle East, which reveals many of tell “social lies” to create our digital alter-ego – the ‘Ultra You.’

    Scarier still, 53% of us would like to be more like their Ultra You. Well I suppose Boy About Tech did say he prefers the illustrated me – he likes that it’s quiet. Oh well.

    Anyway, you know how much I love a good infographic, so here’s one to illustrate what naughtiness we get up to. Check out the nerdy glasses and Bowie face paint!

    Intel social media research | Girl About TechSo what do you make of this readers? Have you ever Photoshopped your profile pic in order to snare a young gentleman or lady? Or tried to impress your friends with fake tales of daring do? And have you been caught out? I’d love to hear your tales of success (or failure, which will no doubt be funnier) via the old comments box!

    *The Intel UltraYou survey is based on data collected by Redshift Research – an independent market research company. Online interviews were used to collect responses across nine countries within EMEA, with 4,374 individuals surveyed in total. The countries surveyed were: UK, Poland, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Turkey, Egypt and UAE.

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