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    G3 SMARTPHONE | LG | GIRL ABOUT TECHWhat is it? G3 smartphone, £TBC (launches in July), LG
    Why I love it: With smartphone launches now as frequent as Kardashian relationship dramas, it’s becoming increasingly tricky for manufacturers to convince us that their phone is the one to buy. So has LG cracked it with the new G3? Well, it’s had a darn good stab, inspired by the mantra ‘simple is the new smart’.

    The 5.5inch ‘Quad HD’ screen is incredibly sharp – the sharpest on any phone ever released, in fact –  and doesn’t feel as big in the hand as you might expect due to its curved back and super-slim bezel – there are no buttons on the side, so the peeps at LG have been able to make it as narrow as possible.

    Next, there’s the 13MP camera and its unique laser focus. Don’t worry, it’s not going to burn the retinas of your loved ones. Similar to the technology the police use to measure car speeds, this merely helps the camera fix onto the subject of your photos in 0.276 seconds. To put that into context, it’s faster than the blink of an eye, meaning you’ve got the best chance of taking decent photos when your subject is moving or if it’s dark.

    There’s also a 2.1MP front camera, which might not rival the HTC One M8’s 8MP, but does have a neat feature whereby if you wave a hand in front of the camera it will start a three-second count down to taking a selfie.

    However, I’m most excited about the G3’s smart user functions. The Smart Keyboard is designed for anyone with potatoes for thumbs – you can alter its height up or down to make the keys bigger and smaller, and customise some keys so you can have your most frequently used symbols more readily available. It also learns what words you type so it’s better at suggesting the correct substitutes for typos.

    Smart Notice is just as clever – LG told me to think of it as a personal assistant for your phone. So if you’re in a meeting and miss a call, Smart Notice will spot if you don’t return it, and prompt you to do so later in the day. If there are any apps you haven’t used in a while, Smart Notice will ask you if you want to delete them to free up memory. And instead of just displaying today’s temperature and weather forecast, Smart Notice might suggest you take a brolly with you if it sees rain is forecast later in the day.

    Interested? The G3 will be available in the UK from 1st July in three colours – Metallic Black, Silk White and Shine Gold. There will also be a host of funky accessories, including a wireless charger so you can power up the G3 without plugging it in, and my favourite – the QuickCircle Case. This protects the screen but has a little peephole that allows you to call, text, play music and take photos without opening the cover. I’ll be updating you with prices for the phone and extras as soon as I have them.

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