• Friday Find: AEG’s new UltraOne vacuum cleaners

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    What is it? UltraOne vacuum cleaners, from £239, AEG
    Why I love them: Did you know that 3% of Brits vacuum naked or in their underwear?* OK, so perhaps you’d rather not have known… and let me quickly point out that I’m not one of them. I prefer to wear a dress with a full skirt, so that I can do a bit of twirling as I’m cleaning. And I think I may have found my perfect dance partner in the new UltraOne range from AEG.

    The original UltraOne line-up won awards, but has nevertheless been revamped for 2014, resulting in four stylish, powerful and easy-to-manoeuvre offerings. I took a couple for a spin this week at their launch in London, and found them exceedingly responsive to my every twist and turn.

    With their 9m cord and 12m reach, you can vacuum a vast room without hopping from socket to socket, and they’ve shed a bit of weight – each one is now 1kg lighter at 5kg, so lugging them around via the large carry handle-cum-bumper bar won’t be such a chore. Another aesthetic change is that the cord release and power buttons have been moved from the front to the sides of the cleaner body, so they are easier to operate by foot.

    The UltraOnes clean very bit as well as they look. Inside, innovative suction technology that combines a powerful motor and high airflow provides excellent pick-up and prevents any clogging, and even the nozzles have been redesigned to improve their suction. If you suffer from allergies, you’ll also be glad to know these cleaners feature hospital-grade HEPA 13 filters and a completely sealed bagged system so you won’t get an attack of the sneezes when you empty them.


    Three of the line-up will be available from early July:

    The UltraOne Origin, £229, has five power levels and a huge 460 air watts of suction power, making it one of the best performers on the market. It also includes an on-board AeroPro 3-in-1 brush, crevice and upholstery tool.

    The UltraOne AllFloor, £269, has all the above, plus an AeroPro handle with built-in controls, so you can adjust the power level without have to bend down, and a digital display.

    The UltraOne Deluxe, £299, includes the AeroPro handle, an AeroPro turbo nozzle for picking up pet hair, and automatic suction control depending on whether you’re vacuuming a fixed carpet, wood floor or a rug.

    A ‘green’ version will follow later in the year, with amazing energy-saving credentials and made from recycled materials.

    *According to the Electrolux Global Vacuuming Survey 2013

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    1. Joel
      October 19, 2014 at 12:20 pm

      Nice products but I prefer robotic vacumm cleaners. I bought mine http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-DHXQnGayk few weeks ago and it is the best.

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