• Poor reception? Answer your mobile calls on the BT Halo home phone

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    BT Halo home phone | girlabouttech.comMoving out of London has its merits – no Tube, tourists, or urban foxes, and house prices that have allowed me to swap my one-bed shoebox for a relatively palatial three-bedroom semi. But it also has its downsides, namely I can’t order pizza at 1am, or just ‘nip out’ to a museum/show/gig, and I have measly mobile reception. Sad times.

    However, the BT Halo is hoping to help me out. This swanky new home phone connects to any smartphone via Bluetooth, and if a call comes through on said mobile, you can answer it through the Halo handset at no extra charge.BT Halo home phone with Bluetooth | girlabouttech.com

    Better still, if you want to make calls on your smartphone, you can make them through Halo. That way, you’re able to use up your monthly mobile call allowance, rather than run up another bill on your landline.

    Another benefit is that if you’ve been using your smartphone to entertain a child or stream music, you can take the call on the Halo without putting an end to the entertainment.

    It’s possible to connect two mobiles to Halo at a time, and you can sync your contacts with the Halo handset, so you’ll always have everyone’s number to hand.

    BT Halo home phone table | girlabouttech.comThe Halo also has nuisance call blocking with a choice of options. You can block up to 1,000 pre-selected numbers completely,or choose the type of calls you want to block, for example, mobile, international, withheld or payphone numbers. It’s even possible to block them by area code.

    You can also put the Halo into ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode if you don’t want to be interrupted by late-night calls – they’ll still come through, but your handset won’t ring or light up.

    Other features include an answer machine that can record 60 minutes of messages, a backlit keypad, a hands-free mode and outgoing call controls, so you can PIN protect premium-rate numbers.

    The BT Halo home phone is available now as a single handset, £99.99, or a twin pack, £139.99, from the BT online shop. Amy

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    1. October 14, 2017 at 8:03 pm

      If calls come through my smart phone I find it impossible to answer the call on my halo. So It is wrong when you say you can answer calls through smart phone on halo. If not please tell me hoe you set it up.
      Thank you,

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