• Meet Laundroid: the clothes-folding robot you’ve always wanted

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    Laundroid laundry folding robot | Panasonic | IFA 2016 | girlabouttech.comSo you have a machine that washes your clothes, and one that dries them, so what’s next? It’s  the machine that folds them and puts them away for you, otherwise known as the Laundroid.

    Developed by Panasonic, Japanese housebuilders Daiwa House and Seven Dreamers laboratories, the Laundroid is designed to form part of your wardrobe.

    Pop your clean washing inside the drawer at the bottom, and its robot arms – apparently located in the space-age portal at the top – will neatly fold and organise every item ready for you to wear later.Dirty laundry drawer | Laundroid | Panasonic | IFA 2016 | girlabouttech.comWhy? Well Seven Dreamers has done its research, and calculates that the average person spends 9,000 hours, or 375 days of their lives folding, sorting and putting laundry away.

    I can’t begin to imagine what I’d do if I got a year of my life back – although it would probably involve a lot of holidays and box sets.

    Eventually, Panasonic hopes the Laundroid will form part of a full-on system. You’ll be able to add your dirty washing and hours later, it will be cleaned, dried, ironed, folded and magically put away in the right part of your wardrobe.Sorted laundry | Laundroid | Panasonic | IFA 2016 | girlabouttech.comBut for now, we just have the folding and sorting version of Laundroid, and even that is very much at prototype stage, taking an average of seven minutes to fold a single item.

    I had a little chat with the Panasonic team, and they tell me they’re expecting to see a full working version in early 2017.

    My question is, what if the cat gets in there? Will Moggy come out neatly contorted? Let’s just hope it has a ‘paws’ button… Amy

    2 Responses to Meet Laundroid: the clothes-folding robot you’ve always wanted

    1. Navinchandra Patel
      October 29, 2016 at 9:17 am

      Dear Sir,
      Very good device…
      Like this, any device which ironing the clothes automatically ?
      Navinchandra Patel

    2. April 28, 2017 at 1:04 pm

      This is the ultimate must-have household appliance. If I can’t have it, I must know that at least my grandchildren will. So cool!

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