• 9 things you NEED to know about the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

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    apple-iphone-7-launch-_-girlabouttech-comCrikey, is it that time of year again already? Yes, it’s new iPhone day.

    Gadget fans have been speculating for months – would Apple dare to do away with the headphone socket? Would it introduce wireless charging? Or waterproofing? Would the iPhone come in on-trend navy?

    They’ve even been analysing the invite – does the faded dot top left signify the 3.5mm jack disappearing? Apple Keynote Invite | IPHONE 7 LAUNCH | girlabouttech.comWell Mr Tim has finally put us out of our misery. Here’s everything you need to know.

    1. THE IPHONE 7 AND 7 PLUS NO LONGER HAVE A 3.5MM HEADPHONE PORTEARPODS WITH LIGHTNING CONNECTOR | APPLE IPHONE 7 LAUNCH | girlabouttech.comYes, they did it. Those Apple bods clearly aren’t ones for nostalgia. They were just as happy to do away with the floppy disk drive, then the CD ROM drive, on its laptops and did we really miss those?

    Instead, it will come with EarPods that connect direct through the Lightning connector.

    There will also be a headphone jack to Lightning connector adaptor in the box, so you can still use your new phone with your favourite analogue headphones.HEADPHONE JACK TO LIGHTNING CONNECTOR ADAPTER | APPLE IPHONE 7 LAUNCH | girlabouttech.comApple says with so many technologies fighting for space inside its phone, it was increasing hard to justify having the 3.5mm jack there, and removed it out of ‘courage’.

    I’m not sure what you’re supposed to do if you want to charge your phone and listen to music at the same time, though.


    AIRPODS WIRELESS EARPHONES | APPLE IPHONE 7 LAUNCH | girlabouttech.comThese optional extras, £159, have been widely slated for their design, but they are super clever. Infra-red sensors can detect whether you’re wearing them, so they will only play music when they’re actually in your ears.

    To pair them, just open up their case near your phone, and a prompt will automatically come up on the screen. Hit connect and you’re ready to play – there none of the fiddly Bluetooth pairing you might be used to.

    AIRPODS | APPLE IPHONE 7 LAUNCH | girlabouttech.comIt’s the same process if you’re using them with new Apple Watch Series 2, and they’ll even switch automatically between your iPhone or Apple Watch, depending on which device is playing audio.

    The AirPods offer up to five hours listening from a single charge, which they do from their case. If the case is also charged, you can get 24 hours of listening before you’ll need to track down a plug socket.

    3. LISTENING WITHOUT HEADPHONES? THE IPHONE AND IPHONE 7 PLUS HAVE STEREO SPEAKERSSTEREO SPEAKERS | APPLE IPHONE LAUNCH | girlabouttech.comThis makes then twice as loud as the 6S and 6S Plus, and also makes for a better quality sound.

    Anyone that’s ever dropped their phone in the sink/bath/loo will care deeply about this. The iPhone 7 and 7S have an IP67 water resistance rating – in other words, they’ll survive happily submerged in one metre of water for up to 30 minutes. Dust won’t get in, either.

    The 12MP back camera now has optical image stabilisation to eliminate camera shake, and make it easier to take decent photos at night. Want proof? It took this…

    IPHONE 7 CAMERA | APPLE IPHONE 7 LAUNCH | girlabouttech.comIt’s also got a better lens with a f1.8 aperture. This allows more light to hit the sensor, which again makes it better in low light conditions.

    A powerful new processor gives you a wider and more realistic range of colours – Instagram has even updated its filters to take advantage – and the flash has a ‘flicker sensor’ that compensates when you’re taking pictures under artificial light.

    TELEPHOTO LENS | IPHONE 7 PLUS CAMERA | APPLE IPHONE 7 LAUNCH | girlabouttech.comThat’s because it actually has not one but two lenses on the back.

    One is the same wide-angle lens found on the S, but the second is a ‘telephoto’ lens that gives you a 2x optical zoom. So say goodbye to the grainy zoomed in shots of old.

    This paves the way for a new ‘Depth effect’ feature that you can select when you’re in Portrait mode. This uses the two lenses together, along with some nifty software, to take a picture where the subject is in focus, but the background blurred.

    DEPTH EFFECT | APPLE IPHONE 7 LAUNCH | girlabouttech.comThis shot was taken using an iPhone 7 Plus using Depth effect.

    You can even see a real-time preview of the effect before you take the picture. Not even posh DSLR cameras can do that.DEPTH EFFECT LIVE PREVIEW | APPLE IPHONE 7 LAUNCH | girlabouttech.comDepth effect will be available as a software update on the iPhone 7 Plus later in the year.

    6. THE IPHONE 7 AND IPHONE 7 PLUS HAVE A NEW FINISH CALLED JET BLACKJET BLACK FINISH | APPLE IPHONE 7 LAUNCH | girlabouttech.comThis glossy black is one of five colour options, the others being gold, rose gold, silver and black, which has more of a brushed matt look.


    Both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be available with 32GB, 128GB and 256GB of storage, up from 16GB, 64GB and 128GB on the old 6S and 6S Plus.

    Apple will also be changing the storage options on those existing phones, paring down the choices to either 32GB or 128GB.

    8. BATTERY LIFE IS BETTERBATTERY LIFE | APPLE IPHONE 7 LAUNCH | girlabouttech.comApple says the iPhone 7 will last two hours longer than an iPhone 6S, and that the 7 Plus will last an hour longer than a 6S Plus.

    There will be enough juice on board the iPhone 7 to listen to 40 hours of wireless audio, to watch 13 hours of wireless video, or for 12 hours of 4G browsing.

    For the iPhone 7 Plus, you’ll get 60 hours of wireless listening, 14 hours of wireless video, or 13 hours of 4G browsing from one charge.

    9. AND THEY’LL COST…ROSE GOLD FINISH | APPLE IPHONE 7 LAUNCH | girlabouttech.comThe iPhone 7 will cost from £599, and iPhone 7 Plus prices start at £719, depending on how many GB you want at your disposal.

    The iPhone 7 or 7 Plus are available to pre-order now, and you can get hold of one from 16th September. Amy

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    1. September 11, 2016 at 10:32 am

      Some of the old technology of 2014 smartphones in new 2016 iPhone. There is no innovation expect removing headphone jack to make it more slimmer.

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