• The best TVs of IFA 2016

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    LG OLED TV TUNNEL | BEST TVS IFA 2016 | girlabouttech.comI couldn’t tell you exactly how many TVs there were at IFA this year. I’m not even going to hazard a guess  – although I do know there were 216 alone in the magical OLED tunnel that served as the entrance to LG’s stand.

    Instead, I’m going to show you which sets rocked my world, in no particular order.

    THE PANASONIC PROTOTYPE OLED TVPANASONIC PROTOTYPE OLED TV | BEST TVS IFA 2016 | girlabouttech.comPanasonic took its time over its first OLED, the much-loved TZ950, but it hasn’t rested on its laurels, striving to get those black levels even blacker ever since.

    This beautiful prototype is a result of its hard work so far – I also got to see it alongside the TZ950, and the improvement was obvious. Sadly I have no idea when we’ll actually be able to get our hands on one, but there will be more announcements over the winter.

    TH PHILIPS 901F OLED TVPHILIPS 901F OLED TV | BEST TVS IFA 2016 | girlabouttech.comNext, it’s a TV that is coming to a store near you soon-ish. The 55-inch 901F is Philips’ first foray into OLED, and it looks like it could give Panasonic and LG a run for their money.

    Not only is the set totally gorgeous, it has a built-in 6.1 sound system and features Philips’ unique AmbiLight technology. This projects coloured lighting onto the walls behind the TV, which matches what’s happening on screen so you’re apparently more drawn in to what’s going on.

    So, for example, if you were watching David Attenborough hanging out with orangutans, vivid greens and oranges would be splashed over the walls, turning your living room into the jungles of Borneo. Sort of.

    Oh, and did I mention it’s an Android TV? So essentially, you’ll have access to all your favourite apps and subscription services.

    THE BANG & OLUFSEN BEOVISION HORIZON TVBANG OLUFSEN HORIZON TV | BEST TVS IFA 2016 | girlabouttech.comLots of things come on wheels. Cars, meals, and now Bang & Olufsen’s latest TV. To be fair, lots of sets had wheels back in the day. They included B&O’s very first TV, nicknamed The Wheelbarrow and launched back in 1952, making the Horizon a fabulous blast from the past.

    There are plenty of modern things about it, too, of course, like the 4K UHD screen, Android TV platform and automatic picture control. This comprises a small light sensor that measures the lighting conditions in the room, then adjusts the settings of the screen accordingly so you get a clear picture that won’t strain your eyes.

    You can choose from 48-inch and 40-inch screen sizes, and if you don’t like the whole trolley thing, there are also wall stand, easel stand or wall bracket options. The Horizon is available now and costs from £2,495. Amy

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