• The best wireless headphones… and they’ll work with your new iPhone 7

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    Best wireless headphones | girlabouttech.comThe scoundrels at Apple have done away with the traditional headphone port on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, and people are ANGRY.

    I, however, am viewing this as an opportunity. You see, at least once a week, I suffer from ‘cable fail’. You probably do, too – it’s what happens when your headphones drop out as you’re jogging, or you forget you’re plugged into your computer and nearly asphyxiate yourself as you go to make the tea.

    Until recently, I hadn’t been tempted to get a pair of wireless headphones. The connection was too unreliable, the battery life too short, the sound not as good as my wired ‘cans’… but then Bluetooth got good and people started making headphones like these.

    They’re all compatible with the new iPhones, or indeed any smartphone, meaning if you switch there’s no more drama. So, go on, give Apple a break and treat yourself to a pair.

    QC35 over-ear wireless headphones, £289.99, BoseQC35 wireless headphones | Bose | Best wireless headphones | girlabouttech.comGIRL ABOUT TECH SAYS ‘These aren’t just headphones – they’re sanity savers, blocking out any crying babies, prattling teens or drunken ‘suits’ that attempt to soundtrack your commute.

    ‘Bose has taken the best noise cancelling money can buy and made it even better. The epic battery life, meanwhile, will keep you entertained for up to 20 hours – that’s a non-stop flight from Dubai to Auckland, with another 2 hours 45 minutes left in the tank.’

    P7 over-ear wireless headphones, £319.99, Bowers & WilkinsP7 wireless headphones | Bowers wilkins | Best wireless headphones | girlabouttech-com

    GIRL ABOUT TECH SAYS ‘As you’d expect from headphones designed and balanced by the engineers responsible for the equipment at Abbey Road Studios, the sound is sublime.

    ‘A soft sheep-leather finish and memory phone ear pads make them both durable and comfy to wear over longer periods, so you can take full advantage of the 17-hour battery life.’

    BeoPlay H5 earphones, £200, Bang & OlufsenBeoPlay h5 earphones | Bang Olufsen | Best wireless headphones | girlabouttech-comGIRL ABOUT TECH SAYS ‘B&O’s super-cute headphones are good for five hours of listening on a single charge. The two earpieces are magnetic, and to save on juice, you can click them together and the H5s will automatically power down.

    ‘This dusky rose pair co-ordinates perfectly with the rose-gold iPhone 7, but there’s also a black to match Apple’s two new finishes. You can even wear them as a necklace – like granny glasses, but WAY cooler.’

    Trainer Ti100 in-ear wireless earphones, £149.99, GibsonTrainer Ti100 in-ear wireless earphones | Gibson | best wireless headphones | girlabouttech-com

    GIRL ABOUT TECH SAYS ‘With no cables to get in the way of your flailing limbs, wireless earphones are the obvious choice for workouts. This set has been designed with the assistance of a certain Usain Bolt, and while I can’t promise they’ll win you any Olympic medals, they do have lots of features that will help you through your workout.

    ‘One is the LED light located on the cable between the two earbuds. In NightNav mode this flashes, so if you’re running in the road you’ll be more visible to passing traffic.

    ‘They also have a 6.5 hour battery life and while they’re not waterproof they are weather-sealed, so won’t be adversely affected by rain or sweat.’

    MDR-100ABN h.ear on wireless headphones, £220, SonyMDR100ABN hear on wireless headphones | Sony | Best wireless headphones | girlabouttech-com

    GIRL ABOUT TECH SAYS ‘Sony’s cans are cool, wireless, have active noise-cancelling to block out the riff-raff on the bus/train, and pleasant balanced sound.

    ‘As you can see, they also fold up into a compact shape for easy storage in a handbag or rucksack.’ Amy


    2 Responses to The best wireless headphones… and they’ll work with your new iPhone 7

    1. Sarah Taylor
      September 10, 2016 at 6:17 pm

      Do you know of any wireless headphones that also have a mic? (Beside the apple pods which will drop out and roll under a passing lorry on day one)

    2. Richard
      September 18, 2016 at 9:35 am

      @Sarah Taylor: I have a pair of Creative Sound Blaster EVO ZXR’s. These are a bluetooth headset with a mic, and can optionally be used with a USB or headphone cable. They have a ~8h battery life.

      I’d highly recomend them, but they are a bit big and obvious!

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