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    Juicers and blenders – what’s the difference?

    by  • March 28, 2016 • Buying Advice • 1 Comment

    BUYERS GUIDE TO JUICERS AND BLENDERS | girlabouttech.comYou can’t knock anything that makes it easier to take on your five-a-day… or the 10 a day (yikes!) that a recent report by University College London recommends. That said, both juicing and blending have their own benefits. Read on, and you’ll discover the difference between the two, and I’ll help you decide which model to buy.

    Put simply, juicing extracts the juice from fruit and vegetables, leaving behind the fibrous pulp, while a blender crushes and pulverises the whole fruit or vegetable, so the fibre is retained.

    The latter also purees leafy greens and soft fruits, such as kale, spinach, avocado and berries, which most juicers can’t handle.

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    8 genius ways to arrange your kitchen appliances

    by  • February 5, 2016 • Buying Advice • 2 Comments

    Planning a new kitchen? When it comes to positioning your appliances, there are plenty of potential pitfalls. Luckily,  I’ve got some clever ideas to help maximise your space. You’re welcome!

    1. GET THEM OFF THE FLOORRAISED DISHWASHER | Kitchen layout ideas | girlabouttech.com So your dishwasher will sit under your worktops, right? Not necessarily. Consider raising it a bit higher, and you’ll find loading and unloading it so much easier.

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    How to bag a Black Friday bargain

    by  • November 25, 2015 • Buying Advice • 1 Comment

    How to get the best Black Friday deals | girlabouttech.comLove it or loathe it, Black Friday is upon us again. Personally, I’m not one to fight complete strangers for the last mysteriously branded TV in the aisles of my local supermarket, but I do love a good deal. That’s why I thought I’d put together this quick guide to bagging a bargain!

    TOP TIP 1: Write a list
    Before you start shopping for tech, write a list of what you actually want, and stick to it! It’s all to easy to be distracted by – and waste money on – reduced-price gadgets that, in reality, you’ll barely ever use.

    TOP TIP 2: Do your research
    ‘Wow – a 4K, 40inch TV reduced to £80! I’ve not heard of the brand but surely I’d be MAD not to buy it?!’

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