• Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – 10 good reasons to buy one

    by  • August 2, 2016 • 1 Comment

    Galaxy Note 7 waterproof | Samsung | girlabouttech.comAnnounced today, Samsung’s hi-tech scribble pad, the Galaxy Note 7, is rumoured to be its most expensive handset to date.

    But it’s also it’s coolest. So cool, in fact, that Samsung has jumped from the Note 5 to the Note 7 without even bothering to make a Note 6. BECAUSE IT CAN.

    I was lucky enough to get hands on with the device last week, and here are my 10 good reasons why this is one fab phablet. Jason Donovan, eat your heart out…

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    How to set up your broadband

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    Netgear router | How to set up your broadband | girlabouttech.comLove streaming TV and music? Keep the fun coming with these top tips.

    Try to put your router in the middle of the house where it will cover the most ground, connected to the master socket where the phone line enters the building. And whatever you do…

    • NEVER put your router on the floor. It’s far happier when it’s located high up and away from your cordless telephone, microwave or baby monitor, which can all mess with your signal.
    • MAKE sure that it’s standing the way it’s supposed to, so never lay a vertical router on its side.
    • KEEP it away from thick walls and metal objects, like TVs and radiators.
    • AVOID putting it near reflective surfaces like mirrors, as WiFi signals can bounce off them.
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    The best action cameras

    by  • July 27, 2016 • 1 Comment

    The Best Action Cameras | girlabouttech.comSmall, simple, tough and attachable to anything from your bike helmet to the dog, action cams have changed the way we look at the world. If you’re looking to splash out on one for the holidays, I’d plump for any of these best-in-class camcorders.

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    The Tefal Actifry just got a whole lot smarter

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    ActiFry Smart XL | Tefal | girlabouttech.comA couple of years ago, someone asked me to guess the UK’s best-selling kitchen appliance. I remember being surprisingly flummoxed. A kettle, surely? A toaster? Could it even be a Vitamix, or a KitchenAid? Nope, the answer was Tefal’s ActiFry.

    At the last count, eight million homes worldwide had one, and I’m willing to bet that this number will rocket following to the launch of the ActiFry Smart XL – a connected version of the celebrated low-fat fryer.

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    The best breadmakers

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    THE BEST BREADMAKERS | GIRLABOUTTECH.COMPerhaps thanks to THAT lion-shaped loaf from last year’s Great British Bake Off, bread is having a moment, so I’ve put together a list of the best breadmakers available right now.

    SD-2511KXC breadmaker £160, PanasonicSD-2511KXC breadmaker | Panasonic | THE BEST BREADMAKERS | GIRLABOUTTECH.COMGirl About Tech says: ‘Among its impressive range of 33 programmes are those for sourdough, rye, gluten-free, soda and spelt breads, and it can also serve up brioche, scones and jam for afternoon tea.

    ‘It does a fine job of distributing nuts, seeds and dried fruit evenly through your bakes, too.’

    18036 compact breadmaker, Russell Hobbs18036 compact breadmaker | Russell Hobbs | THE BEST BREADMAKERS | GIRLABOUTTECH.COMGirl About Tech says: ‘You can forget the nut dispenser and endless artisan options, but it bakes a loaf in 50 minutes, and has jam and cake modes.

    ‘Plus, turn on the 13-hour delay timer and you can wake up to fresh bread.’

    Sage by Heston Blumenthal The Custom Loaf bread maker, £199.95, John LewisCustom Loaf bread maker | Sage | THE BEST BREADMAKERS | GIRLABOUTTECH.COM

    Girl About Tech says: ‘This dial-operated machine is a joy to use, and its collapsible kneading paddle won’t leave you with holey bread.

    ‘It makes loaves up to 1.25kg, and the manual setting lets you input your own recipe.’

    De’Longhi Pangourmet electric fan oven, £300, LakelandDeLonghi Pangourmet electric fan oven | Lakeland | THE BEST BREADMAKERS | GIRLABOUTTECH.COMGirl About Tech says: ‘This countertop fan oven is also a full-on bread maker that mixes, rises and bakes, with continental treats like pumpkin loaf, panini, focaccia and pain de campagne on the menu.

    48324 Premium Plus breadmaker, £129.99, Morphy Richards

    This breadmaker does a fine job of distributing nuts, seeds and dried fruit evenly through your loaves and cakes, and its angled display makes it easy to see what stage your bake is at, at a glance.

    It also comes with a set of measuring tools, so you don’t need to get the scales out to make any of the 40-plus recipes in the book provided. Amy

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    Make instant courgetti with these electric spiralizers

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    Spiralizer Express | Morphy Richards | girlabouttech.comHaving nearly lost a finger trying to make courgetti with a mandolin slicer, I’m thrilled that someone has finally brought out an electric spiralizer. In fact, like buses, two have come along at once, from Kenwood and Morphy Richards.

    The great thing about these gadgets is they won’t endanger your digits, or enduce arm ache through cranking a handle – just feed in your fruit and veg with a tube and they will slice them up in seconds.

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